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I'm Airi and this is my online journal about how living a stylish life is completely possible no matter what your financial circumstance or time constraints may be.
As long as I can remember I always loved designing, creating and learning about new ways to bake, decorate, dress, etc.   Browsing through the Company's Coming cookbooks as a teenager and getting the next colored book in Jean Pare's series was a highlight ["Ms. Pare, your book series started my obsession with baking and I truly thank you for that, BUT your style, well, if you ever need a stylist, feel free to call!" (hint, hint!)], along with my obsession of Seventeen magazines, flipping through the pages long after the following months' issues had come and gone. Naturally as I got into my twenties these interests led to decorating and decor.
I regularly overhear and read about how people "just don't have the time" to decorate their homes, to try new activities, or "don't have the current finances" to eat healthy meals or travel.  As a girl who grew up in a single-income home with a father who loved to penny pinch but also taught me not to take life too seriously or to forget about learning new cultures and habits from travelling to places outside of the day-to-day, I'm here to tell you that, style, beauty, art, good food and all those other physical things that are the decadent buttercream icing on the cake called life, is completely attainable no matter where you are in life.
 The famous 3rd century quote states "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and it is so true because what one person thinks is beautiful may be described in a completely different adjective by another, so I hope you enjoy my version of this well known statement.



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