Here are my regular inspirations:

I love Anh because she works in an office like me, but still maintains a stylish persona.  Working in the corporate world isan't easy and sometimes you just feel like going to work in your lululemons, unfortunately, this is not work-appropriate.  If I visit Anh before work, she keeps me inspired to look my best so I can truly work at my best. 

The EveryGirl
The EveryGirl is my morning pick-me-up.  I find it's the first site I go to daily after grabbing my morning coffee for "in the know" news, career motivation, fashion within my industry and just fun things like, top foods for a healthy diet; 30 days of budgeting; people profiles.  So many great tips for us ladies on the go and for anyone who would like to continually stay motivated and challenged.

Lucy's Kitchen Notebook:
Lucy is the reason behind my obsession with French cooking.  I believe I was introduced to Lucy's Kitchen Notebook about 3 years ago when I originally starting blogging and needed some food inspiration.  She not only moved from North America to Paris but now she also teaches French cooking classes, she is a woman after my heart.

Could I Have That:
Samantha's style inspires me to be stylish even on the weekends.  The way she pulls off her ripped boyfriend jeans with the latest Celine bag is incredible.  Plus, she makes a mean margarita and went on her honeymoon to South Africa.  Enough said.

Jillian Harris Design:
Jillian originally started out as The Bachelorette but soon captured my interest with her design style.  Her naturally whimsical style stays true to her roots but with a fresh, modern twist.  Not only is she one of the hardest working girls out there but she is an amazing marketing maven and best of all, she's a West Coast girl like me.

Manhattan Nest:
I love DIYs and I appreciate someone who can DIY like nobodies business.  Daniel is one of those truly talented folks.  He can thrift shop and find the coolest pieces that most of us would completely overlook as trash and turn it into a mid-century modern masterpiece.  He also has the driest sense of humor that makes me laugh out loud even on the rainiest days.

HiP Paris Blog:
Paris is one of those cities I dream of visiting sooner than later.  Paris opitimizes all things chic, tasty, hopeful and exciting.  It's an adventure I haven't been able to experience yet but the idealism of Paris keeps me thirsting for more.  HiP Paris Blog really hits the mark for me and between the fantastic pictures and the incredible writing style, I just can't get enough.

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