Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Beauty: Eyebrows 2013

"Eyes Are The Window to the Soul",
a classic saying that most of us have heard, read about or perhaps even said ourselves.  If eyes are the window to our soul, then shouldn't our eyebrows receive the same amount of recognition?  Afterall our eyebrows have been created to frame our eyes.

 Recently, there seems to be a surge in growing back our eyebrows.  Years of plucking, over-shaping, waxing and threading have caused our eyebrows to get thinner and thinner.  Initially, the thicker eyebrows seemed questionable and almost like a trend that would quickly come and go, like the tie-dye shirts of the early '90s.  However, after studying these iconic beauties of our time, perhaps the thicker eyebrows are something that should have never left our beauty regimen.
 Ladies, let's put those tweezers down and let our natural eyebrows slowly take shape.


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