Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday Favorite: FoodGawker

I'm not sure if you know about FoodGawker but it's pretty much the best destination for food recipes.  It's like the pinterest of food but even better because all the recipes have to be submitted, tested and then if it passes "the test" then it will be posted to the FoodGawker website, and FoodGawker has recently overtaken my love for Epicurious or AllRecipes because the recipes come straight from people like you and me, bloggers!  I'm sure there are many excellent recipes in all the above-mentioned sites but FoodGawker is my new guaranteed location for successful recipes.
I can personally attest that 95% of the recipes I have tried have been a success and the only reason why the remaining 5% didn't work out was more so a mistake on my end.  My favorite part about the FoodGawker website/app is that recipes are submitted from all over the world so if you are looking for truly authentic recipes like a really good German apple cake, for instance, then it will be submitted by a German food blogger and then translated into English for the benefit of anyone who doesn't read German but appreciates an excellent German apple cake experience.
You can find my FoodGawker successes here and here
The more I browse around FoodGawker, the more excited I get.  Can't wait to try some new and exciting recipes this weekend, I hope your "introduction" to FoodGawker will get you equally as excited as me.
Happy Friday!

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