Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Favorite: F/W 2013 Sorel Boots

Growing up in Squamish, British Columbia, I used to wear Sorel boots everyday in the winter.  As a child, I remember running around in my sorel boots for hours on end and never having to worry about getting cold or wet feet.  Although my sorel boots were my winter lifesaver as a child and even into my pre-teens, when I hit high school, I was way too cool for the sorel boots.  They were clunky, funny colored and just basically "unfashionable".
Fast forward to 2010 and the Canadian company going bankrupt, the American company Columbia, purchasing it and giving it a huge revamp.  When I say huge, I mean ginormous.  Last winter, I saw the sorel boots in a brand-new light and fell instantly in love.

Sorel has completely redesigned the boot to complement the modern woman; the slim-fit around the ankles, the fun fur and the color, detail and materials just scream, winter fashion at its best.  My absolute favorite part is the fact that although being fashionable the boot is guaranteed to keep your feet warm and comfortable for long durations.
This week as I was browsing Instagram on my commute to work, what did I notice in my news feed?  Yes, pictures of really on-trend sorel boots.  Sorel boots with amazing 4 inch orange heels and leather detail: completely high-street and to be honest, I couldn't be happier.
They even have the orange heel in a nice 1 inch height which would be perfect for weekend walks through the snow, brunch stops at one of Vancouver's outdoor food carts or running errands in the rain.
Personally I'm leaning more towards the Slimpack because I could realistically see myself wearing the Sorel boot more so on the weekend plus, the style of the Slimpack would make it completely appropriate for commuting to work. 
You can find the Sorel brand at The Shoe Company in Canada starting at $189.99 but sometimes they will go on sale and I know some friends of mine have purchased them at that particular store for half the price, I'm not sure if they will carry the Slimpack style at The Shoe Company.  In the US, they carry the Medina Ankle Boot at Nordstrom starting at CDN$249 and on Zappos I was able to find the Slimpack glow boot for $130, shipping included.  I know that Sorel does run big so perhaps size half or a full size down if you are ordering online through Zappos or some other online merchant.  I cannot wait to purchase mine.
Happy Friday!

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